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Valentine's Hoppiness Subscription!

Valentine's Forage Blend:

With the theme of love, running strong throughout this month, we included some of our favourite greens and a lot of pink! What can you find in your box:

Blackberry Leaves:

Blackberry leaves are high in vitamin C and even though rabbits obtain their vitamin C through the consumption of their cecotropes (the shiny black faecal output that they eat directly from their bottoms), chewing the leaves has been historically shown to reduce inflammation around gums. This is ideal for bunnies who suffer from chronic malocclusion or other such dental conditions which result in inflammation of the gums. Blackberry leaves also possess a high fibre content, as fibrevores, rabbits require foods high in fibre in order to thrive, which is why providing unlimited hay is so vital. The gut of a rabbit must be moving at all times and foods such as blackberry leaves provide the necessary means of doing so.

Did you know? Due to the way that many domestic rabbits have been bred, some are prone to digestive problems and struggle to consume fresh vegetation. Eating herbs and other such goods, often leads to the production of excess cecotropes and causes 'sticky bottom' syndrome. Many bunparents result to removing fresh foods completely from the diet of a rabbit suffering with such problems. However, this also removes vital nutrition and leads to complications later on in life. Blackberry leaves are ideal in situations like these. If you have a bunny suffering from digestive difficulties (ruled out to be caused by other health issues such as obesity, arthritis etc.), you can remove human greens from your companion's diet and slowly introduce natural forage such as blackberry leaves, rose leaves, plantain and nettle. These are all high fibre forages which also possess properties which aid in the gut function of a rabbit. They are far easier to digest, as opposed to human greens and they are also far more nutritional so smaller potions will still provide the necessary nutrients to help you bun lead a normal and healthy life. Interested in learning more? Click the picture below and read about the individual greens that we use in our Digestive Blend!

[Click on the photo to find out more about our digestive blend]

Apple Leaves:

Apple leaves are a delicious treat. They are high in fibre and antioxidants. Ever heard the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away?" although that may not be true when it comes to our furry companions, due to the high presence of sugar found in apples. Leaves are a whole other matter. The fruit of the apple tree contains so much sugar, it slows the digestive tract and causes disturbances in the natural gut flora of the rabbit. This often leads to excess gas production and bloating which unfortunatley, often leads to death if not addressed quickly. However, apple leaves are still viewed as a high value food for rabbits, they go crazy for them and they don't compromise health. On the contrary, leaves promote gut function and help to boost the immune system! Therefore, next time, if you're looking to treat your bun to that tasty apple from the fruit bowl, why not offer them some fresh leaves instead?


Echinacea is a funny looking plant but it comes with many health benefits. It acts as an analgesic, a pain relief but as opposed to some natural forms of pain relief, echinacea does not cause drowsiness. It's also an antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory!

Rose Petals:

The sweet smelling buds and petals of the rose serve as a wonderful appetite stimulant. They're also believed to have blood cleansing properties. Furthermore, the rose is widely known as the flower of love so what better time to share some roses with our furry friends? 🤭


Hibiscus has proven to be a love it or hate it kind of plant on multiple ocassions. However, whether or not your bun likes the somewhat bitter petals of the hibiscus, we couldn't not use its deep red petals as part of our Valentine's box! Furthermore, hibiscus is known to support heart health by regulating blood pressure and lowering the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Pink Cornflowers:

Because you can't have too much pink on Valentine's! Field cornflowers are a frequent ingredient in eye medicine. They possess anti-inflammatory properties and they help to relax the eye muscles, decongesting the eye in the process.


(Top) Valentine's Arrow:

A unique Valentine's special! Consisting of a carboard heart with a barley piece in the centre, to encourage shredding and foraging behaviour. Two flavoured balsa cubes, a vine ball and bamboo chews, strung together via the use of seagrass.

(bottom right) Wind in the Willows (mini):

Seemingly a favourite of Basil (pictured)! A toy that is perfect for hanging around your home or alternatively, can be tossed around and gnawed on! Consisting of four willow sticks, two balsa cubes, two vine rings, palm squares and jute string!

(Middle left) Veggie Ring:

One of our best sellers! The Veggie Ring incorporates three of our buns' favourite materials. Seagrass, flavoured balsa and palm squares with the addition of vine balls which can be filled with your bun's favourite snacks. What's not to love?


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