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How to fill our toys with nibbles

Updated: Jun 22

In this blog, we'll quickly show you how to fill our toys with nibbles. These can be nibbles from our store or your own treats. Make sure that the nibble pieces are small enough to fit into the holes in the center of our balsa cubes.

Step by step:

  1. Grap a small handful of small nibbles (hay fibre pellets, grass fibre pellets, barely ring pieces, dandelion root, etc)

  2. Pick up a toy and expose the holes in the center of of the balsa cubes

  3. Push a nibble piece into the hole until it is securely inside

  4. Now repeat this for each cube and for all toys that you wish to fill.

*YumYums can be a little difficult as you have to bend the palm leaf squares over in order to expose the holes. Do this carefully to avoid breaking the toy. We recommend using very small nibble pieces for YumYums (such as grass fibre pellets).

Watch the videos below to see how it's done:

The YumYum

McBun's VeggieRing:

McBun's Fruit Skewer

The Wind in the Willows

Any feedback you can give will help us improve our products.

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